Monday, May 2, 2011

Election day in Canada

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to vote in Canada.

In the States the ballot is lengthy. You are voting for the President, local Judges, Sheriffs, amendments to constitutions. It seems everything is thrown on to that ballot, and it's very confusing for most people so I think they skip most of it.

In Canada the ballot is very short. One does not vote directly for a Prime Minister, but chooses from a list of candidates running for MP (Member of Parliament) from your electoral district, or riding. The next Prime Minister will be the candidate that has the most MPs in their party elected. The voting process is very simple, the ballot has about 7 or 8 names, just find the candidate you want, place an x next to your pick, place the ballot in the box and voila - you're done!

It took less than 5 minutes, including parking.

If you are Canadian and you haven't voted yet - go out and vote!

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