Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I don’t miss the extreme tropical heat

June, 2010 thermometer reading from our car. Photo isn’t the greatest, but it was taken around the middle of June last year Florida, showing 106 degrees F (42C).

Before we moved to Canada hubby and I were sure each year was hotter than the one before. I would call it the 16 weeks of summer. Summer, and hurricane season, officially starts on June 1st, and it would be beginning of October before the weather became bearable again. As summer progressed, the temperature would get even hotter.

The last few years we lived in Florida it seemed the extremely hot weather would start earlier and earlier. And remember, in Florida it doesn’t cool down too much at night either.

Well, today the St. Petersburg Times has confirmed what we suspected. My friends told me that much of May set a record for consistently being in the 90s. St. Petersburg Times reported today that last night’s overnight temperature dropped only to humid 83 degrees (29F), making it the hottest overnight record in 121 years of record keeping. Read more about it here.

Today in Guelph it is nice and sunny and 75 degrees (24C).

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