Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well, I poisoned our dog

I was concerned that Sophie wasn’t eating.

Recently I had put some pumpkin on her food for added fibre (vet suggested). I ran out of pumpkin and she was not in a hurry to eat her food without the pumpkin. I put a handful of raisins in her food and she ate it all. Then I had a gut feeling that the raisins may not be good for her so I checked on the internet. Sure enough, extremely poisonous for dogs and could cause acute renal failure. Why couldn't I have had that gut feeling before I gave her the raisins?!

I was so angry with myself. We have been so careful what we feed her, so the time I don't check before feeding her I give her something really dangerous.

I took her to the vet right away, and he induced vomiting. Yesterday she went back to have bloodwork drawn to make sure her kidneys were ok and she was free of raisin toxins, and it seems she is in good health.

It's well known we should not give chocolate to our dogs, but not many people know that raisins, grapes, and onions are extremely dangerous to dogs. 

Here are some human food items that are poisonous to dogs. Read list here.


  1. Poor Sophie!
    I hope that she is feeling better.

  2. Yes, we got her to the vet quickly, thank you.