Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Our Canadian Anniversary Today

I can hardly believe it was one year ago today that my family moved to Canada.

We are very happy here.

How have we changed in a year?

As I was an immigrant in the US, I didn't fit in there. I feel good living in Canada because I belong here.

Hubby is still very happy about the move and has settled in very well. He has had none of the immigrant issues I had living in the US. Canadians are more welcoming to immigrants.

Eldest boy now in 11th grade, and loves his school. He did not want to move to Canada at all. He kept asking why do we have to move. Around the end of the last school year he felt more settled, has many friends at school, and said that he enjoyed living in Canada. He is looking at 3 Canadian Universities.

Middle boy just started high school (Grade 9). He loves to go to the shopping mall with his friends on Fridays for lunch. He loves the extra freedom in school. He said it felt good that the school trusts the students.

Youngest just started Grade 8. Still has recess twice a day. He has made many good friends and is happy here.

We are going to celebrate by eating at Swiss Chalet tonight ;) Where else?