Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A French Canadian what?

I decided to replace my laptop. Found one I liked at our local Staples, got it home, and noticed that the keyboard was very different to the one I was used to in the US.

In Canada we are told it is mandatory to sell the French Canadian keyboard. In order to get the extra French keys in, the manufacturers have made the two keys one uses the most very small. You can see that the enter and shift keys are half the size. I tried typing, but could not reach those keys on the new keyboard.

I’ve returned my laptop to Staples, and will go to Walmart in Buffalo to get an English keyboard. I think it would have been better all around if the politically correct people had allowed us a choice between a French keyboard and an English keyboard, rather than making everyone suffer (both French and English) with tiny keys that one has to use frequently.

Just my two cents.

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