Friday, January 27, 2012

Ice Day - School is Cancelled

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This photo shows what the roads looked like this morning. They were covered with ice and were very slick.

School buses were cancelled today, and the kids have exams. Fun! Not a snow day, but an ice day. There was a scramble to find out what was happening with the exam schedule, which will be shifted forward a day and the teacher training day next week will be cancelled. I’m glad that’s sorted out.

The temperature has been hovering around freezing, and what happens is you get a mix of sleet, ice, and a covering of snow on top to disguise the ice. This is what makes it so treacherous. Just give me snow, rather than all this ice. Kids can’t sled, not enough snow. I’ve fallen several times. Hint: don’t tread on a sidewalk that looks wet, it’s probably black ice.

This has been the weirdest winter. I know I’ve been gone a few years, but I’ve never seen grass in January. I thought last winter was really mild, but this year we have had hardly any snow.  In Autumn trees are shades of yellow and green, and hardly red and orange like they used to be. Climate change exists.

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