Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We moved to Canada nearly 6 years ago. Are we happy we moved?

I see my blog is still being read, so I thought I would post an update.

When we first moved to Canada the boys had left all their friends in Florida and were very unhappy with the move. I still have an image of eldest boy sitting in the car on the trip here, arms crossed, and saying “I don’t see why we have to leave Florida”.

When they first started school in Ontario it was sad to see them standing at the bus stop, off to the side a little bit away from the group. New kids, you see. They soon made many good friends and are very happy and settled here. They have no interest in returning to Florida.

The education system in Ontario is excellent and they did very well here. Older 2 boys are now in University, and youngest boy starts this fall.  All are in Ontario universities.

Other Canadians wonder why I left Florida to return to a place that has winter. My reply, I have many good friends still in Florida. I go visit them in the winter and we all enjoy the beach, but I don’t have to deal with the problems residents of Florida face.

·         I don’t have to worry about hurricanes;

·         Home insurance rates going from $850 to $3,600 the following year (the rate increase we received on our house one year);

·         My home insurance being cancelled by an insurer of last resort due to some ridiculous reason;

·         I don’t have to fight the school system to get my kids a decent education;

·         Gun violence;

·         Health insurance, just to name a few reasons.

Americans often wonder what our “socialized” medicine is like here. Well, we don’t think of it as “socialism” but “universal”.

Health care in Ontario has been excellent! 

Ohio born hubby loves it here, except for winter. He’s from southern Ohio, and thought the snow would come, then melt, and then snow again, ha ha!  I guess that’s a sort of light winter.  His first winter here he was surprised that, not only did the snow not melt, but when people shoveled their driveways the shoveled snow was piled up beside the driveway. If the snow piled up too much, sometimes it would be trucked out of the city.

Well, this is Canada, I reminded him.

It’s been a good move for us.

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  1. Recently I inquired about moving to Canada and the bad news is that I waited too long. At 60 yrs old, now the only way I can go to stay is if I married someone who was a citizen. Wish I had thought of this much earlier.