Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Dead Canadian

The attached clip is an earlier repatriation of 6 Canadian soldiers, shown from the viewpoint of someone riding in the procession. I think it's very moving.

Tip: Click on the bottom right hand corner to make the clip full screen size.

Last Saturday Cpl Steve Martin, aged just 24, was killed in Afghanistan. Today would have been his 25th birthday. He is the 154th Canadian soldier to die there. Today his casket was loaded on to a military plane in Kandahar for repatriation back to Canada. He will arrive back in Canada tomorrow.

His body will be flown to Trenton Canadian Air Force Base, in south eastern Ontario. From there the casket is loaded into a hearse, and the deceased’s family will join a grim procession that will head west along Hwy 401 to Toronto. This section of Hwy 401 has become known as the Highway of Heroes. The journey ends 2 hours later at the Ontario Coroner's office on Grenville Street in downtown Toronto.

Along the route Canadians turn out in all weather to show support and to watch the procession that no one ever wants to be a part of.

I always hope each repatriation to Canada will be the last.

Why are we in Afghanistan? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. I don't know why we're in Afghanistan either. But it makes me proud every time I see people turn out like this — They do it not so much because they support the war, but to let the families know that their son or daughter is in their hearts and thoughts — I hope it brings a little comfort to the family and friends of the fallen.

    There's no good reason for all this loss of life :(