Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Fun in Florida

Sometimes I like to compare our previous life in a sub-tropical climate to our new life in a colder climate.

Floridians go all out decorating for the holidays. All around the state there are Holiday boat parades. This Friday is the 25th annual St Petersburg Boat Parade. What Floridians lack in snowy weather, they make up with lots and lots of decorations. It’s fun. December evenings are usually cool, (still much warmer than Ontario) and there is hot chocolate on hand. It’s a different type of holiday season to “up north”.

For those of us on land watching the boats, the trees are lit, and there is even a little snow bank made from artificial snow for the local kids to play in. Many Floridian kids have never seen snow and are fascinated with it.

My boys saw snow for the first time once just a few years ago, so winter in Canada is very exciting for them.

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