Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 degrees below freezing

Photo of Igloo on Vermillion Lakes, outside Banff, Alberta, courtesy of Banff Lake Tourism on Flickr

A few months ago we were living in a hot climate (Florida). Last August the weather was so hot that the car registered 106F (42C).

Now we are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

We have had several cold alerts recently. January and February are the coldest months. It’s been really unpleasant outside with highs ranging
-13C (8F), and the low hovering around -19C (-3), and a wind chill making it closer to -26C (-15F).

So, we have gone from 106F (42C) last August to -15F

A couple of nights ago I took the dog out. For some unknown reason I decided not to wear my gloves. Well, I could just put them in my pocket, couldn’t I? I forgot that I couldn’t put my hands in my pocket because I had the leash. By the time I got home with the dog, my fingers were bright red, and I had trouble maneuvering my fingers to manage the leash. My hands hurt from the heat when I got inside, and for some time afterwards.

This morning on the way to the gym the car registered a temperature of 23F (-5 C). Compared to yesterday, it was a welcome change.

I cannot believe (at 23F or -5C) Eric and I were talking about how mild and pleasant the weather was this morning!

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