Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who has aids classroom lesson?

Eldest boy came home recently and told us what he learned in his 10th grade science class. 

The teacher gave each student beaker of clear water.

She said, for this lesson, 2 students in class have AIDs.

The rest of the class does not have AIDs.

The students were encouraged to mix liquids from their beaker with only 6 other students’ beakers, and to try to avoid AIDS. There was no way to identify which students had aids.

At the end of the lesson the teacher walked around to each of the students and put some drops in their beakers.

If you had aids, the water in your beaker turned pink. If you did not have aids, the water in your beaker stayed clear.

Only 6 students beakers did not turn pink. The beakers in the rest of the class turned pink. 2 students had “infected” almost the entire class with AIDS.

Here is the main gist of what son learned:

* You cannot tell by looking at someone if they have AIDs.

* The only 100% certain way to avoid AIDS is abstinence, but if one is going to engage in intercourse, you must always wear a condom which may prevent AIDS.

Fantastic lesson!

It made a big impression on him.

There is no way this would be taught in his last school in Florida. Son’s last school focused on “abstinence only” classes.

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