Monday, January 17, 2011

Extreme weather alert!

Up until now the weather had been very mild. Traditionally January and February are the coldest months.

There is an extreme cold weather alert out. We could feel the temperature dropping yesterday afternoon. Last night the dog had a very quick walk before bed. I don’t think she minded, she was glad to get back inside the house, poor little Floridian thing.

Overnight temperatures were -19C (-3 F), and with a wind chill -25C

(-13F). Everyone talks about wind chill when describing temperatures. The cold is not bad, but the wind chill is.

We imported our car from the US and the temperature reads in Fahrenheit. Today we got into our car the temperature read a balmy

-7F (-22C). We are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Last summer in Florida it was so hot, the temperature in the car read 106F (42C).

There is a school across the road from us. We hear the kids twice a day playing outside during recess. Even on a cold snowy day they are outside. Today – silence! The kids are being kept inside today.

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