Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Venice, Paris, and Guelph?

Duncan Street leading to St. George’s Anglican Church. With century old limestone buildings in a beautiful historic downtown area Guelph has that European ambience.

I had to smile when I read an article this morning in the Toronto Star stating that Guelph is the most romantic city in Ontario, beating out Toronto.

It’s interesting how Guelph won that title. ranks the cities based on per capita sales of romance books. You mean that because Guelphites love Harlequin romance novels, we’re the number 1 romantic destination in Ontario? Maybe we’re just lonely, and reading romance novels makes up for something lacking in our real lives? Hardly a romantic destination when you think of it that way.

I think Guelph is a romantic city, but not for the same reasons Amazon says we are.

The town is full of old world European charm. Add to that mix two beautiful rivers, tea houses, and lots of conservation area, set right next to rolling countryside, and I think it’s a very romantic spot.


  1. Guelph may not be the most romantic town, but the great cartoonist Seth lives there, so you are doing something right! [Best wishes from an American with no Canadian connections who wishes she also could move out of the USA]