Monday, February 7, 2011

Will my US born sons be stripped of their US citizenship?

Birthright citizenship looms as the next big immigration battle in the US. Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, the father of the anti-immigrant bill SB 1070, has a new target in his cross hairs. "Anchor babies," the ugly epithet used to label children born of undocumented immigrants. He has even stated that an anchor baby is a baby born to a mother who is not a U.S. citizen at the time of the child’s birth. Note the word “mother”. Senator Pearce states that only non-US citizen mothers "drop anchor babies", and that fathers do not. My sons' US born father does not matter to Senator Pearce.

My children may be considered anchor babies, depending on how this legislation is written, since I was not a US citizen at the time my children were born. Does it matter that I was a “legal immigrant” the entire time I resided in the United States? It should! However, this immigrant hysteria has blurred the line between “legal” and “illegal” immigrants. Read this article "In any case, the proposal to abolish birthright citizenship also importantly applies to documented immigrants, even green card holders. So even children of fully legal immigrants should not, according to the bill, become citizens either."

Or read this article: "Birthright citizenship. Anchor babies. Both terms refer to the automatic conferring of American citizenship on any child born in the United States to an illegal immigrant or
non-citizen mother which must be stopped".

The words "non-citizen mother" mean my children are considered anchor babies, and this puts them at risk of being stripped of their US citizenship.

I have followed this legislation closely. It all comes down to semantics.

The key phrase that this legislation hinges on is whether or not the mother was “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States. Sometimes the phrase “illegal immigrant” mother is used, and other times the words “non-citizen” mother is used. They are not interchangeable. If the legislation rolls as currently worded with “non-citizen” mother, then my sons are affected and may be stripped of their US citizenship and their birth certificates could be cancelled, while their mother is now a US citizen since she naturalized after they were born. This would be ironic!

Should birthright citizenship be abolished, it will create a new set of (through no fault of their own) stateless people who were born in the US. This is just heartless!

This immigrant hysteria is a big reason why I got my family out of the US.

As an immigrant I just didn't belong there.

Meanwhile, my (US citizen) immigrant husband has been living in Canada for 4 months now, and Canadians have made him very welcome.

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