Friday, February 18, 2011

Ontario experiencing tropical like temperatures

Photo courtesy Douglas R. Clifford, St Petersburg Times.

The weatherman said Southern Ontario will experience tropical like temperatures today. Or rather, he said after the sub-zero temperatures we have become used to, it will feel like sub-tropical temperatures.

Today’s high will be 9C (48F). It feels warm, and we’ve thrown the windows open for some lovely fresh air. Much of the snow has melted, and we are left with mud. With the warm weather, and the evenings getting lighter, hubby thinks spring is here, but I told him, not yet. Weather is due to turn cold again tonight, -6C (21F) and more snow is expected. This is just our little warm spell before more winter, and the snow was getting dirty and needed refreshing.

Now, look at the above picture. Looks better than the mud, doesn’t it? It was taken yesterday at Clearwater Beach, in Florida, where it was hot 25C (77F) and sunny. It’s tourist season in Florida now. The beaches are too crowded for the locals, and we stayed away from the beaches until later when there were less people and the temperature was warmer. We prefered going to the beach when the temperature was in the 90F (32C) range and the water was hot! Still, looks like fun, when we are in the middle of “mud season”.

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