Thursday, April 28, 2011

America is bleeding competitiveness

"With anti-immigrant sentiment building across the nation, and clouds of nativism swirling around Washington, D.C., skilled immigrants are voting with their feet. They are returning home to countries like India and China. It’s not just the people we are denying visas to who are leaving; even U.S. permanent residents and naturalized citizens are going to where they think the grass is greener. As a result, India and China are experiencing an entrepreneurship boom. And they are learning to innovate just as Silicon Valley does."

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The number one reason I returned to Canada with my family was to get away from this hatred of immigrants. It doesn't matter if you naturalize, the nativism is so bad you will always be considered an "alien".

As a bonus the part of Southwestern Ontario we live in is known as the "technological triangle". My sons, who are good at science and math, will have plenty of opportunity here in Canada.

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