Friday, April 1, 2011

Horizonal Everest in the Canadian arctic

For the best effect when you watch this film, don't forget to toggle for large screen. Documentary courtesy Film Board of Canada. "

In March 2007, seven Canadian and Inuit rangers and one documentary filmmaker set out to cover more than 2000 km of the harshest terrain on the planet. They confront blizzards, labyrinths of crushed sea ice and near-impassable glaciers, with temperatures hovering around -50°C, to raise a flag on the northernmost tip of Canadian soil. With a mesmerizing soundtrack by Nunavut-born throat singer and narrator Tanya Tagaq and spectacular footage of the Arctic landscape, Dianne Whelan's documentary captures the epic adventure with raw immediacy."

If you like Tanya Tagaq’s singing, the song is called ”
Force” and is available for download.

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