Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April showers

Photo of Heffernan Bridge on a rainy day courtesy of Alan Norsworthy. To see more of Alan Norsworthy’s photos click here.

I love this photo. It is the Heffernan Bridge which is a footbridge over the Speed River in downtown Guelph. It’s a beautiful bridge near the neighbourhood where I grew up.

I think I can finally tell hubby that winter is over. I don’t think there will be any more snow, but this is Canada and sometimes you can get a late spring snow. Let’s not focus on that, I’ll just enjoy the warmer weather. Yesterday it was 20C (70F). Everyone is out and about doing something. It’s so nice to see activity again.

We’ve had several days of rain. The trees still look like sticks and the grass is shredded wheat, so we need the rain to green everything up again. I haven’t seen any flowers yet, but this is early Spring.

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