Sunday, September 12, 2010


Packing up the house - yucch!!!

Started the garage at 7am today, it was already hot and humid. Today's temperatures were in the high 90s.

Garage is done - yay! Rest of the house looks like a dump right now. Normally the house is so tidy. I can't believe this is my kitchen. The cupboard doors are open, everything is in disarray, and things are all over the floor. The sofa has been donated to a nice family and there is a big gap in the living room where it used to be.

Will I ever get it all packed up in time??? I think I have moved everything I own around the house at least 3 times.

The moving truck will be here Wednesday morning. We drove by Budget today, and there are three 24 ft trucks in the lot. I'm certain one of those is ours.

If you are thinking of moving, the best investment you can make is a dolly to move boxes around.

Here I sit, blogging away...... maybe hubby will not notice me sitting in my little office. I know more boxes in the kitchen await me. Oops, there he is. No excuses. Gotta go!

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