Thursday, September 30, 2010

We found somewhere to live

We found a home in Guelph. It is a brand new townhome, and it is still under construction. We are hoping it will be completed by October 7th.

We have a basement with a rec room and full bathroom, the kids are excited about that. We're also close to parks and walking trails.

Meanwhile, we are back in Ohio in a holding pattern.

I don’t have internet access at my in-laws, so my blogging is sporadic.

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  1. Hi Olivia, Congrats on finding a place - it looks lovely! I miss you guys - a few times I thought "I've got to give Olivia a call", then I remember - I can't. And several times Josh has said, I've got to see if Bailey can come over this weekend. Then he says - "oh, yeah, I forgot". Sounds like things are off to a good start - having a place to live is always nice isn't it?