Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're in Ohio!

1st part of the move is over. Yay!

Obviously, it took longer than we thought.

The plan: Load everything on the truck Wednesday. Leave the house at Thursday morning.

What really happened: Still packing boxes while loading the moving van, total pandemonium. Wednesday evening our friends came over to help load the truck, it got dark, needed to use the car headlights to continue packing the van. Stopped at 9.30 pm.

First thing Thursday morning, continued loading the truck. New owner patiently waiting to move in. Finally got the van totally loaded by 1.30 pm Thursday, pulled out of driveway just as new owner's moving van pulled into driveway.

7 1/2 hours behind schedule, we set out for Ohio.

1st day reached Valdosta, Georgia. Stayed at a Days Inn (they take dogs), but the internet didn't work so I wasn't able to post.

2nd day, left at 8.30 am, and decided to drive just as far as we could, but didn't expect to make Ohio until Saturday.

Weather was good, traffic was good, we took plenty of stops, and were able to drive 14 hours, so we did make Ohio at 11.00 pm Friday evening.

Moving truck emptied into storage unit Saturday.

Tomorrow we return the moving van. Will drive to Canada on Tuesday or Wednesday for 5 days to look for somewhere to live in Guelph.

I guess that's it for now.

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