Saturday, October 16, 2010

Final Border Checklist updated

We are so happy to be in Canada. We are getting settled in and now have cable, phone and internet. Before I can write about our Canadian experiences, I want to tell you about our family's last experience as Usian residents.

Previously I posted a final border checklist. Here is how it went.

US Border

Exporting a car = getting an “Export” stamp on car title – should have taken 5 minutes.

This took 2 hours with 7 or 8 aggressive Homeland Security guards.

Then we went over the Bridge to Canada.

Canadian Border

Importing a car
Importing a dogImporting all our possessions
Importing a husband (American with immigrant visa)
Importing 3 US born US passporting holding children (with Canadian citizenship cards)
Returning 1 Canadian

This took 1 hour with 1 friendly and helpful immigration agent.

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