Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome British tourists

I didn't take this photo either.

This is a photo of Homeland Security Agents at the British Airways counter at JFK. It is from the Daily Mail, UK, informing Brits that Homeland Security was ramping up security at the British Airways arrivals area.

Don't they look welcoming? Are they serious about the sub-machine guns? 

Look, their fingers are actually on the trigger! Are they about to shoot someone? I wonder why international travel to the US is down 17% while travel to other countries has increased.

I include this photo because, althought I didn't take it, this is what the guards at the vehicle import facility looked like. They were armed, but were not carrying machine guns (at the time). Naturally, they frightened the children. The children told me they don't want to go back to the US to visit anytime soon.

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