Saturday, October 30, 2010

We have no heat

Remember that mound of earth in our backyard last week that resembled the lunar surface? Well, yesterday the diggers came and smoothed it out, and a heavy machine flattened it, to get ready for our patio. Last night I went to turn the heat on for a few minutes to take the chill off the house and, nothing. Ok, we obviously don’t know what we are doing since we’ve never had a furnace before, but home is very well insulated so we’ll just put sweaters on. This morning, same thing, no heat. So, we call the builder who sends out the service guy for the furnaces, and he says he just got a call from our next door neighbour that she smelled gas. He confirmed there was a gas leak, so he called out Union Gas, who arrived very quickly. They are checking the lines when another call comes in, and it is the neighbour to the other side of me saying he has no heat. The Union Gas fellow says the gas lines were nicked yesterday by the digger. He is shutting off the gas to the entire building because of the leaking gas. The Union Gas gentleman says he has called the builder, since they will need to bring the digger back and dig everything up again.

It’s all very exciting here today, gas trucks, furnace companies, and employees all over the place. Dog is going crazy at the window, so she is downstairs in the basement with the kids. If we’re very very lucky, we’ll get a digger too. Oh, wait, there’s the doorbell..... ok, update. Builder cannot get digger out until Monday, and the furnace company has to go get some parts.

So, we have no heat or hot water, but are told that our home will retain heat for at least 24 hours. I will say I’m very impressed with the home, we have had a few chilly days and cool evenings and we’ve never needed to turn on the heat yet, home is always toasty warm.

Another interesting thing about this house is there is a whole house fan that one can run in the winter to circulate fresh air because the home is so airtight. No need to open a window when it’s cold.

Everyone is so apologetic about the loss of heat, but I’m just glad it’s not January. It’s really not that bad. It’s just one of those things.

Oh, and everyone took their work boots off before they entered the house. Still lovin’ it.

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