Saturday, November 6, 2010

Best fish and chips in Toronto

Duckworth’s Fish and Chips at 2638 Danforth Avenue, opposite Canadian Tire, was opened by current proprietor’s grandfather to serve fellow UK immigrants their beloved deep-fried fish and chips.

My family has been going to Duckworth’s Fish and Chips since it opened in 1930. My father grew up in the Woodbine Corridor, near the Beaches. Every Friday my grandparents would take my father to Len Duckworth’s Fish and Chips. Growing up in Toronto, my parents took me there every Friday. It’s definitely the best fish and chip shop I’ve been to, and I lived in England for many years.

Halibut, chips, coleslaw, and bread is $9.75. There is a family special with 5 pieces of halibut, 3 fries, 2 breads, and 2 coleslaws for around $35.00, which is reasonable value. Monday a Halibut meal is on special for $7.50. If you like fish and chips you won’t be disappointed. Batter is crispy and light, chips are traditional British doorstep type chips.

Tip: If you go there avoid the basement washroom – it has always smelled musty. Restaurant itself is very clean, but decor is older, sort of greasy spoon atmosphere. Overlook that, and the food and service is great.

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