Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dog in Muttlucks

Here is Sophie all kitted out for winter.

Today she is sporting a fleece lined dog coat, which is water repellent, to keep her warm and dry.

To keep the salt out of her paw pads, she is wearing Muttlucks. She is fine wearing the coat, but she is not too happy about the paw wear.

Yesterday she saw snow for the first time, and refused to step in it. Today she had no problem with her new Muttlucks.

The problem for dogs is the amount of salt, which can dry out their paw pads, causing them to crack. The groomer suggested that we wash her paws every time she comes back from a walk to get off the salt and ice, or just put her in these pooch shoes. I think the pooch shoes will be easier for us, and more pleasant for her.

No.....she’s not spoiled at all.