Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Driver licence exchange

From this (sample Florida license courtesy

To this: (sample Ontario licence courtesy Flickr)

Notice change in spelling from license to licence.

Our Florida car insurance expires on Saturday, so this is a good week to get everything done with the car.

Yesterday we turned in our Florida Driver licence and received our Ontario driver licence.

Because there is a reciprocal arrangement with the U.S., we did not have to take a driving test.

Tip: If you are coming to Ontario, it is a good idea to bring a complete abstract of your driving history as they require all the information on it. Your abstract will have the date you became licenced, and your complete driving history. You can order your driving records abstract from your current driver licencing authorities. Ontario has a graduated driving licence, and if you can show proof that you have had a driving licence for a few years, and you are from a reciprocal country, you may qualify for a full driving licence.

And the best thing about our new Ontario driver licences – no immigrant class driver licence. My immigrant husband will have the same driver licence as I have.

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