Monday, November 1, 2010

Canadianizing our car

Photo courtesy of Canadian Tire

We are still driving around town with our Florida tag. In order to complete the import of our vehicle, we need to have Canadian modifications. So we went to Canadian Tire today to have this done.

1. Daytime running lights
2. Conversion sticker showing miles to kilometers
3. French language sticker by airbag
4. Safety inspected to Ontario provincial standards
5. Emission inspection to Ontario provincial standards
6. There is a RIV registration fee of $195.00, which we already paid at the border.

Here is a lot of information if you are considering importing a vehicle into Canada.

While we were at Canadian Tire today we also had a radiator flush with antifreeze. We already have new tires, so car should be winter ready.
The gentleman was very nice, and talked to us about getting used to winter driving. He said the first time it snows, go to a parking lot that is empty and practice driving around and getting used to how the vehicle handles in snow and ice. Good advice.

While we were waiting for the car hubby found an extendable scraper, big brush on one end, and it extends so you can reach to get the snow off your roof, and a big scraper on the other end. He loves his snow toys, does Eric.
When we got home, the builder had completed the digging, and the gas leak had been mended, and we have gas for hot water and heat Yay!

The home held it’s heat for a couple of days, and was only now beginning to chill a bit. Everyone said it’s a good thing it wasn’t January ;)

Temperature today is high of 5 (41F) low of -2 (28F) and beautifully sunny.


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