Friday, August 27, 2010

House is sold so what happens next?

Ambassador Bridge between Detroit Michigan, and Windsor Ontario.
This is our entry point into Canada.

We are leaving Florida on Thursday September 16th! Goal is to be in our new home in Canada by October 1st.

Well, today we ordered a 24 ft moving truck (Budget had the best prices) for Wednesday September 15th. We will spend the day emptying the house into the van. Close the house with the buyer first thing Thursday (16th) morning.

We have 2 moves and 2 moving trucks to rent.

First move: we will go to southern Ohio, and store our furniture there. We will drop off the kids and pup with family.

Eric and I can easily make the drive from Largo Florida to Franklin (just n. of Cincinatti) Ohio in 17 hours. Our usual summer drive to Ohio goes like this: leave our house in Florida at 3am, arrive in Ohio at 8pm. We have done this for years - we told the kids when they were young - if it is light outside, don't even ask if we are there yet.

This trip to Ohio will take at least 2 days. We cannot change drivers. Eric will drive the moving truck, and I will drive the car. Too bad oldest boy is not able to drive yet ;) We will have to stop often, so our goal is to get north of Atlanta the first day, possibly Dalton. We expect to arrive in Ohio near the end of the following day.

Next, we will go to Ontario to find somewhere to live. Let's see, we have no credit, no job, no income, no rental history (owned a house) and a dog. Should be easy! We have a copy of our US credit history (showing years of mortgage payments) which may help, and hopefully will find somewhere soon. I know it'll work out.

Then we will return to southern Ohio to collect kids, dog, and furniture. Sounds so easy in a blog entry.

Second move: Rent another moving van and load furniture from storage facility. We will take I75 north to Detroit, cross the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Canada.

Our entire drive from Tampa to Detroit will be on I75. At least we won't get lost.

Eric will land as an immigrant, we will import our car and furniture. Once Eric is landed, we will take Hwy 401 to our new home in Guelph.

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