Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where in Florida are you?

Map of Florida.

Pinellas County is in red.

Purple area is Lake Okeechobee in south Fl.

Close up map of Pinellas County.

We live in Pinellas County in central western Florida.

We are just outside the city of Seminole.

The area is often referred to as Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay is the body of water between Pinellas County and the city of Tampa, hence the name of the area.

The Pinellas Peninsula divides Tampa Bay from the Gulf of Mexico, and is the most densely populated county in Florida. Pinellas County has a total area of 608 miles/1,574 km - and a population (2006) of 924,413 - although the population is likely much higher today after the real estate boom.

The name Pinellas is translated from the Spanish Punta Piñal ("Point of Pines" or "Piney Point").

The Gulf of Mexico is known for its white powdery sand and spectacular sunsets. Luckily, we didn’t get any oil from the BP spill. During the summer the water temperature can reach an average 86F/30C, and in the winter temperatures average mid 60F/18C.

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