Saturday, August 28, 2010

A nice start to the day

One of the things I really enjoy here is the Pinellas Trail. We began cycling on this trail only about 3 weeks ago, after abandoning another cycling route.

The Pinellas Trail runs the entire length of the county, approx 46 miles, and was made from an abandoned railway corridor.

We like to start about 6.15 am. It's very hot this time of year, and we try to avoid the heat and humidity by starting so early, but sometimes it's still about 82 degrees at 6am! When we first starting cycling so early I thought we'd be the only ones with our bike lights, but it seems a popular way for cyclists to commute to work, so there are lots of cyclists with their lights on.

Above is Boca Ciega Bay. When we start on the trail it is still dark, and when we get to Boca Ciega Bay the sun is just coming up. This really makes my morning. I often see flying fish, or dolphins.

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