Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boy faints near Prime Minister Harper

Photo 1: The gap behind the PM where the student fell. Photo: The Canadian Press
Photo 2: The PM visited the student before he left.

Prime Minister Harper visited a Guelph school last Friday. The students were standing behind the PM as he was answering questions. One boy started to fidget, then he passed out. Nothing happened for a moment, and the students looked shocked. Then they all filed off the platform behind the PM, an adult came and helped the poor boy off, and then some students shuffled back on again and voila, they replaced the boy with ANOTHER KID! Just like that. And this is Canada and as you Usian readers often tell us, we don’t have a lot of people here, so I’m impressed ;)

Seriously, though, I felt really bad for the boy, since this was being televised live. I would say to him that there’s no need to feel embarrassed, and you are not the first boy to pass out behind PM Harper.

A few years ago at a conservative party conference another boy standing behind PM Harper also passed out. It’s probably hot standing for a long time under those lights.

So, I’d say to the student who fainted, it's ok. Don’t feel embarrassed as it could have happened to anyone, especially if you skip breakfast. Given time you will realize you have an interesting story to tell.


  1. I didn't hear about this—
    Is that Harper on the floor next to the kid?? Amazing, lol.

  2. Hi Andrea K, yes indeedy, Harper was on the floor next to the kid. Whatever one's political view, yes, pretty amazing.

    The boy had missed breakfast and became dehydrated under the hot lights and fainted.

    No doubt he felt embarrassed, but what a wonderful story to tell about his private "audience" with the PM.