Saturday, March 19, 2011

Signs, signs, everywhere there are gun signs

Photo 1: Gun sign at shopping mall in Ohio
Photo 2: Gun sign at nursing home in Ohio
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As a Canadian living in the US, I was shocked at the number of signs I saw that prohibited guns. I was shocked because it reminded me that so many Americans are armed. The local Starbucks had one. There was even one outside our local Walgreens Drug Store - so I hope the customer filling his prescription is not off his meds today.

Photo 1 is a sign outside a shopping mall near Middletown Ohio. Note, it says “Unless otherwise authorized by law”. It means that if you have a permit to carry a gun, you may. So the sign is virtually useless, since I think most people carry a permit. I imagine the sign is there to satisfy liability requirements for insurance purposes.

Photo 2 is a sign outside hubby's grandmother's nursing home. Very sad.

The signs didn’t make me feel safe, but quite the opposite. These gun signs reminded me that many people are carrying a gun, and although a shooting statistically probably would not happen, it was, however remote, a possibility.

Even more ridiculous, is Florida is a right to shoot state.

Whilst there are many things I liked about the US, I certainly do not miss their gun culture.

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