Friday, March 18, 2011

It is Spring yet?

Crocus flowers in melting snow, photo courtesy of Marco Langbroek

I have learned a new Canadian phrase.

According to the weatherman, where I get all my news, Canadians have nicknamed St. Patricks Day "Patio Day". This is about the time they expect a nice spring day and, for the first time in months, they can spend time on their patio.

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, the high reached 60F (16C). The snow on our patio that morning had, indeed, all melted by the afternoon - so - we could see our patio again, but it was too muddy to think of sitting out there yet.

Hubby is very hopeful that spring is finally coming. Was it only a few months ago he was excited every time it snowed? Now, like most Canadians, he is sick of the white stuff, and keeps asking me "Is it Spring yet"? Well....maybe. March can be unpredictable.

The weatherman says we are getting 4 minutes of extra daylight each day. Since our clocks have switched forward, I'm convinced that none of those minutes are in the morning. And look, there's even some brown shredded wheat looking stuff that may one day turn green again and resemble grass.

Alas, no flowers yet, just mud patches where they should be. Until then, I will enjoy looking at the pretty crocus flowers in melting snow.

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