Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Speed River is Speedy

Photo of Speed River at Gow Bridge during Spring, courtesy of J. Saper. To see more of J. Saper's photos, click here.

Last weekend we took the dog for a walk along the Speed River, in Guelph. All the snow had melted, and the weather was very mild.

We used to bring the family up to Guelph during the summer when we lived in Florida. We would rent canoes and canoe on the Speed River. During the summer it was a quiet river with very little current. Hubby would say to me “Why do they call this thing the Speed River, the water barely moves?”. I told him “wait until Spring”.

After the large snowfall melt last week, the waters were very turbulent, like they are in this photo. I love the lighting in this photo, and you can see a church in the upper left hand side. This is Church of our Lady, which is a beautiful catholic church built on a hill which overlooks the downtown area.

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